Programs Without Walls

Toronto, ON/March 2011

I was hired to run a workshop during March break for Programs Without Walls, an ongoing program of ArtStarts in Toronto run by Fatima Kazmi.  A group of mothers gathered in the Vila Gaspar Housing complex over five days to explore the issue of support in mothering through artmaking.  Together we wrote postcards, added to the Motherland Postcard Rack, made a new stamp series, took portraits, and collaged. A final book was created from everyone’s contributions and we celebrated on the last day with all of the mothers, the caregivers and our kids.  It was great to connect with this ongoing program and I hope to be involved in future collaborations with them.

Lead Artist: Mindy Stricke

Participants: Nandini Bhowmick, Sue Bilar, Rebeca Nava Cardona, Maria Elena Hernandez, Amina Jema, Michelle Kremko, Carmen Georgina Lopez, Jennifer MacEachern-Nichols, Ivonne Mandujano, Shamima Nasrin, Reem Perez, Judith Naranjo Reed, Octavio Rodriguez, Laura Silva, Paulet Slyfield-Bannister, Mahalia Thorpe

Artwork: Postcards from Motherland book

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