Harbourfront Community Centre, Landing Gear

The Landing Gear Workshops
Toronto, ON/January-April, 2013

For this second series of workshops at the Harbourfront Community Centre in Toronto in 2013, we started from scratch. Rather than begin with a theme, we experimented each week with different mediums, using writing, collage, music, photography and interviewing to see what would emerge. The work led to an activity in which the mothers dug into their closets to ask themselves: What did we used to wear before we became mothers that we still hang onto, and what do we wear the most now? What are the stories behind these pieces of clothing and accessories and what do they say about what has shifted in regard to our identities, our relationships, and our notions of what work means both within and outside the home?

The group interviewed and recorded each other, as well as mothers outside the group, and photographed the individual clothing using a flatbed scanner. The final installation, Landing Gear, was presented at the Arcadia Gallery in Toronto in September 2013, and featured an antique wardrobe trunk that housed documentary audio from those interviews (individual stories were triggered when the drawers were opened), photos and text on fabric, and collage. Viewers were invited to add their stories to the evolving installation, both in person and online.

Lead Artist: Mindy Stricke

Associate Artists: Cathy Nosaty, Lisa Pijuan-Nomura, and May Friedman

Participants: Rishu Anand, Suyin Bonnell, Atarah Derrick, Maria Idalid Carreno Salazar, Twyla Kowalenko, Jane Pearson, Katie Pitt, Efrat Shafir, Veronica Strunc, and Nancy Tannous.

Sound Designer: Hector Centeno

Documentary Audio Consultant: Shea Shackelford

Trunk Redesign: Chris Stevenson

Artwork: Landing Gear

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