Events and Exhibitions

Past Exhibitions and Events:

September 28-October 6, 2013: Landing Gear opening and exhibition, Arcadia Gallery, Toronto, ON.

June 24-27, 2013: Panelist at Communicating Motherhood, MIRCI.

June 19, 2012: Mother Outlaws’ Speaker Series, Women’s College Hospital, Toronto, ON

May 9, 2012: The Good Mother Project Drop-In Workshop, Harbourfront Community Centre, Toronto, ON.

May 12-14, 2011, Toronto, Ontario: Panelist at the International Conference on Motherhood Activism, Advocacy, Agency; Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community Involvement.

March 14-March 18, 2011, 10:30am-12:30pm, Toronto, ON: Art Starts presented a Greetings From Motherland five-day workshop series through its Programs Without Walls.

February 20-25 2011Food: An Art Exhibition, Eugene, Oregon
The Good Eater installation was presented as part of Food: An Art Exhibition, a group show at the Food Justice Conference at the University of Oregon.

December 12, 2010: Koffler Arts Centre, Toronto, ON
This special excerpt of work from the projects includes the Motherland Postcard Rack, You Are Not Where You Were, The Way the World Works, and Unexpected Lullabies.  I also had a stamp making station where people made new Motherland stamps from vintage women’s magazines and parenting manuals.

October 28, 2010: Greetings From Motherland Seminar, Toronto, ON
I interned a few years ago with Jumblies Theatre, a community arts organization in Toronto, and I gave the first Jumblies Studio seminar of the year in late October.  It was wonderful presenting the work to many of my colleagues in the community art world and others and we had a great discussion afterwards about motherhood, community, and artmaking.

July 31, 2010: Good Eater Opening, Madison, WI
We celebrated the opening of Good Eater, the installation about food and motherhood, in the Eagle Heights Community Gardens after we finished our five-week workshop in Eagle Heights.  We were joined by many gardeners and other members of the community as we ate, drank, and hung out in the arbor.

June 14 – 15, 2010: Wisconsin Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Conference, Lake Geneva, WI
Soon after first showing “Welcome to Motherland”, I was invited to share the work at this yearly conference for hundreds of professionals who specialize in infant and early childhood mental health.  We were also there to help celebrate the launch of The University of Wisconsin Infant, Early Childhood, and Family Mental Health Certificate Program.  It was a great opportunity to show the work and collect postcards from an audience that spends a lot of time thinking about and working on issues around support for new parents.

May 23, 2010: Welcome to Motherland, Madison, WI
The inaugural exhibition of Greetings From Motherland, “Welcome to Motherland” was the culmination of all of the hard work of the women in the winter 2010 workshop in Madison, WI.  In a gorgeous space at the Goodman Community Center in Madison, we welcomed over 200 people to peek, touch, listen, gaze, write, and join us in celebrating the first public showing of work from the project.

October 22, 2009: Panelist at the Association for Research on Mothering Conference (now MIRCI)
Mothering and The Environment: The Social, The Natural, The Built, York University, Toronto, ON

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