Welcome to Motherland! You may have recently washed up on its shores, or have been living here for a while and already acclimated, the blur of the early years of motherhood behind you. Or maybe you don’t live here, but you have a relationship to this place as a partner, child, or friend.

I started working on Greetings from Motherland in 2009, six months after my daughter was born. When I emerged from my post-partum haze, I realized that I couldn’t be the only one who felt so disoriented when I disembarked here. As a new mother and an artist, I felt troubled by the disconnection between some of the sentimental representations of motherhood and the reality, as well as the isolation and related pressure to be the mythical “perfect mother”, whatever that means.

Greetings from Motherland became a collective artistic exploration to remedy that.  Through this series of multidisciplinary collaborative art projects, I brought women together to question, investigate, share, and play using our real lives as mothers as the raw material, and to create some honest representations of new motherhood in the process.

Together we created new pieces through workshops of varying lengths, and then presented what we created and invited participation from the community through traveling exhibitions, presentations, site-specific events and this web site.

Greetings From Motherland projects ran from 2009-2013. I eventually acclimated to Motherland, and after five years of working on projects about new motherhood, I decided to move on to some new subjects. You never leave Motherland though, so the possibility is always open that I’ll return to work on another aspect of motherhood. Meanwhile, drop your bags, make yourself at home, and take a look around.

Mindy Stricke (Artistic Director) is a photographer and multidisciplinary artist whose practice blends photography, documentary audio, writing, collage, sculpture, community engagement and whatever other mediums and processes she finds necessary to make a project come to life. She has collaborated with people of all different ages and backgrounds, and loves experimenting with new forms. Her most recent series of participatory art projects, Greetings From Motherland, brought mothers together to make art that challenges traditional representations of motherhood, and was awarded grants from the Toronto Arts Council, the Ontario Arts Council and the Canada Council for the Arts. Her photographs and installations have been exhibited throughout North America, and featured in international publications including The New York Times, Time Magazine, Newsweek, Japan’s Voce, and the Smithsonian Institute Photography Initiative’s Click! Photography Changes Everything. Back in 2003, she founded SingleShots, the first photo studio to specialize in online dating portraits. Originally from New York, she now lives in Toronto with her husband and two children. http://www.mindystricke.com

Thank you to all of our past and present partners, funders, and supporters:

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