Acclimated to Motherland

by Mindy on September 18, 2015

It’s been two years since I posted an update, but I thought it was fitting to give this site a final post, just for some closure. After five years of working on Greetings From Motherland projects, I decided to take a break after Landing Gear launched in 2013. I had worked with dozens and dozens of wonderful women, started conversations about new motherhood that I wanted to start, produced nine pieces that I felt really proud of…and I was a little burnt out. I also felt that I didn’t have much more to say at that point about becoming a mother. I was truly, fully acclimated to the culture of Motherland, and I too seemed to get that amnesia that almost everyone gets about how hard it is in the beginning. I’m glad I have a record of all it though—it helps me remember.

My kids are now 7 and 4, and I’ve moved on to new topics. I’m continually drawn to making work about challenging life passages, and the aspects that are difficult to talk about. Come visit me at my website, to see what I’m up to and join the conversation.

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